Slide 1 Thin and OverweightLosing weight will typically make you feel lighter because most of the excess weight that we have is caused by bloating. So, you can try to include some foods in your daily meals which can help you get rid of this bloat and make you feel light through the day. The first thing to remember is to keep the body hydrated at all times. When your body is water-deprived, bloating occurs. At the same time, bloating will flush out the toxins from the body along with the excess salt which may give the “puffy” feeling. You can use some of these tips to enjoy a slimmer waistline and a lighter body every day:

  • When you add lemon to hot water and drink a cup every morning, it can kick start your digestion and make you feel super light during the day.
  • Avoiding too many dairy products can also help you feel light. Dairy products can clog the system and it may be a good idea to use dairy substitutes like almond butter or rice milk or soy products to do away with the bloat.
  • When you feel like snacking during the day, you must pick fiber-rich foods like raspberries, quinoa and avocados. Quinoa has a lot of fiber which can eliminate unseeded fats and also accelerates digestion.
  • Eating salmon can keep you feeling quite light even after a full meal; salmon is an excellent source of lean proteins which fights fat and offers omega 3 fatty acids to lose weight. You can eat salmon in your meals with roasted vegetables like spinach, artichokes and broccoli.
  • Since sodium is an electrolyte that can cause water retention in your body, when you can cut down on the salt amount in the meals you can control body weight and feel lighter at the same time. So, it may be a good idea to stay away from frozen foods and canned foods as these have very high sodium content.
  • You can also include low-calorie veggies like carrots, cucumber, celery, zucchini, broccoli and cabbage to control your weight. These are made up of water predominantly and will not give you a feeling of over-fullness.
  • Greek yogurt is another useful addition to the daily diet because it is super rich in calcium and you can always add dried fruits and nuts to it. It is low in sugar content but high in fibers. Similarly, broth-based soups are ideal for losing weight and feeling light after a meal.

Besides these easy-to-follow dietary guidelines, you can also inculcate some easy habits to make sure you feel light throughout the day. A good habit is to work out regularly which will automatically make you feel more energetic and lighter. You should also practice chewing the food longer because this helps to release the enzymes which will ensure better and faster digestion. Moreover, when you chew your food well, it stops excess air from entering into your digestive tract that may lead to bloating.