10 Intense Weight Loss Workouts Under 10 Minutes

To make your body work out for only 10 minutes, you need the exercises to be high-intense exercises. Without high intensity workouts, you cannot supercharge the body to burn the excess fat. In this regard, HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training and HIRT or High Intensity Resistance Training is found to be the most effective. Here, you will mix bursts of cardio exercises with constant movement through resistance exercises to build lean muscles, accelerate the heart rate and produce a metabolism which can burn additional calories even after the workout is over. For a supporting diet follow lean 13 review and decide. These are 10 intense workouts which you can perform to see positive results:

  1. barbellBarbell Thruster: Here, you must first set the barbell at shoulder height on any power rack. Grabbing it with the palms facing downwards, you need to swing the elbows to raise them till your upper arms become parallel to the ground. You should then remove your pinky finger and the thumb as you un-rack this bar. With the bar on shoulder and keeping the back flat, you must squat with heels on ground. When you lift yourself up, you must drive this bar above your head. You have to then bring it down to repeat the movement.
  2. Barbell Bent-Over Row: To perform this, you should drop the hips backwards and bend the knees slightly. The barbell must be raised off the floor and left to hang ahead of your legs. Your shoulder should not roll in front. You must first breathe in and then, while exhaling, you have to push the barbell up and pull the shoulder blades upwards as well.
  3. Barbell Hang Clean: In this exercise, you must hold the barbell with hands shoulder-width apart ahead of the thighs. You have to bend the knees so that this bar is just above them. By extending the hips and shrugging shoulders, you need to raise the barbell right in front of your upper body. When it comes to your chest level, you must bend the elbows. You are expected to flip your wrists now to hold this at your shoulder level.
  4. Barbell Alternating Lunge: You have to go below a barbell placed on a rack to let it rest on the trap muscles. Lifting the weight you need to walk to any place where you have enough space to do alternate lunges with it.
  5. Barbell Upright Row: For this exercise, you must hold the bar slightly less than distance between your shoulders and use an overhand grip. You have to raise this barbell towards the chin and hold it close to the body. Using the shoulder sides, you must raise the weight, lifting your elbows upwards and sideways as you perform this action.
  6. Barbell Ab Rollout: You have to place the bar on racks and kneel down on dumbbellsthe ground beneath it. With shoulders held above this bar you have to hold the abs and roll this barbell forward till you can feel the hips about to drop. You must then roll yourself backwards.
  7. Dumbbell Squat to Rotational Press: You have to hold the dumbbells in each hand and squat. When you come up, you have to twist the torso to shift the weight overhead towards your left side. You have to squat again to change the side shifting your torso yet again to the other side.
  8. Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatch: In this exercise, you have to stand with feet shoulder-width distance and hold a dumbbell in any one hand. Bending the knees a little and hinging your hips, you have to let the weight hang just beneath the knees. You have to then jump up explosively and straighten the whole body as you hold yourself on the toes; you must pull this weight with you. When the weight is in front of your torso, you can tuck in your elbows to raise it over the head.
  9. Renegade Row with a Pushup: You have to start with a push-up position and a dumbbell in both hands. Then, you must row the dumbbells, one at a time. You must row them on both sides before coming down and doing a push-up.
  10. Sumo Squat to Front Raise: The feet must be held more than shoulder-width apart with arms hanging downwards. You have to come to a sumo squat position. When you raise yourself, you must lift up the arms by using overhand grips on these weights till they are parallel to the ground.

These are some workouts which are guaranteed to help you lose weight by kicking your metabolism into high gear. You can perform these even at home when you have some weights lying around. To get the best results, you can mix one HIRT workout with a HIIT workout every day for 3 says at a stretch.

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