12 Weight Loss Myths Which Are Not True

Weight loss is one of the major concern areas for millions of people across the globe. There are several myths about weight loss that have been proven wrong and some of the top myths have been discussed below.

1. Supplements aid in weight loss

vitamin-bThere are numerous industries manufacturing weight loss supplements for people. They claim to offer significant weight loss, but as per studies they are not effective. Most people get tempted with the marketing gimmicks and end up buying supplements to achieve weight loss. When you choose the best ones it does help you shed a few pounds, but not in a healthy way. The bottom line is that there is no shortcut to healthy weight loss.

2. Eat less and workout more

Not many people are aware that if this advice is followed, one may end up gaining more weight than before. Weight loss can be achieved with a balanced diet and workouts and not by eating less and moving more. It is simply not true and as well ineffective.

3. Carbs are fattening and lead to weight gain

The proven fact is that low carb diets are effective in terms of weight loss. You will definitely lose weight if it is a low carb and high protein diet. If you choose refined carbs like sugar or grains, it may cause weight gain, but the healthier option is to choose whole foods that are high in carbs. They contribute largely towards weight loss.

4. Fat leads to weight gain

The body fat is accumulated fat and people think that eating fat will only add to it. Well, it’s not that simple. If the calories are not exceeding the range, you will not gain weight with fat. In addition, low carb diets that are high in fat have been proven to be effective in eliminating excess stored body fat as per studies. You should learn to choose healthy fat over unhealthy fat like junk foods which do not make you fat.

5. Fast Food is highly fattening

The truth is not all fast foods are unhealthy or fattening. Due to rise in health consciousness amongst people, majority of fast food joints offer healthy foods. You can choose healthy food options even in a fast food joint such as a chicken salad or a bowl of clear soup with veggies. The truth is fast food need not be fattening as there are always healthier options to choose from.

6. Foods labeled as “Diet” offer weight loss

This is one of the biggest myths that are false as the main objective of these companies is to simply sell their product. They may label the foods as sugar-free, healthy or fat –free, but it does not work. Instead of going by the diet label, check out the ingredients used to figure out the presence of unhealthy fructose corn syrup or MSG.

7. Frequent meals boost your metabolism

Most people often think frequent meals largely contribute towards thai-foodincreasing your metabolism. The bottom line is that if you want to achieve weight loss, having frequent meals is not an effective diet strategy. If you prefer eating smaller meals at frequent intervals, you can do so but forcing your body to eat more meals with an objective of weight loss is not right. This may lead to overeating and ingesting higher calories, especially if you are not hungry to eat. Hence, this is a myth which does not work.

8. Low Glycemic foods promote weight loss

Many diet experts suggest low glycemic diets to decrease the hunger pangs. There is no adequate evidence that proves that avoiding high GI foods will lead to weight loss and decreases the risk of diabetes. Eating high GI foods like white rice or white bread in excess is not healthy, but there is no need to avoid all foods that are high in GI to attain weight loss.

9. Cutting out snacks in between meals helps in weight loss

Snacking is very much essential and cutting it out does not promote weight loss. The key lies in choosing the right types of snacks. Most people require snacks to keep their energy level going and hence snacking is an essential part to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Preferring snacks like fruits, vegetables and nuts over chocolates, deep fried foods and cookies is the best way to eat healthy snacks.

10. Drinking water aids in weight loss

Water is very essential as it keeps you hydrated and it’s a myth that it helps in weight loss. A minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of water should be consumed daily for good health and well being.

11. Eating and working out consistently helps to control weight

It is important to make certain lifestyle and dietary changes as you age. The rate of metabolism slows down when you age. Hence, you cannot be consistent with your diet and exercises to manage your weight.

12. Rigorous workouts offer quick weight loss

This is yet another myth which is not true. Regular workouts are good but switching to a rigorous routine all of a sudden can backfire. It can cause muscle injury and weight gain as well.

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