25 Floor Exercises For Everyone

weightsWhen you have hectic work schedules finding the time or place to exercise may be tough. However, these are a few floor exercises which you can perform anywhere, whether it is your hotel room when you are traveling or your home when you have long work hours.

1. Dive bombers: These are push-ups with a slight variation; you begin in the piked position and lower the nose to the floor maintaining the arch all the while. Before touching the floor you must flatten your body like sliding under a bar keeping the hips low and then drive the head upwards to look ahead.

2. Bear Crawls: You have to get down on your fours and begin crawling as quickly as possible without letting knees touch the floor.

3. Table Rows: You need a table or a low bar which you can slide under and hold. You must pull yourself to reach the table top.

4. Boat Pose: For this, you must sit with knees bent and the feet placed flat on the ground. You must then recline the body slightly to raise the legs off the floor and stretch arms forward.

5. Lunges: This is an excellent leg-workout where you have to step forward with one knee bending it at a 90 degree angle and stretch the other leg backwards.

6. Warrior II: This is a yoga pose where you stand with feet together and raise the left leg with pointed toes and place the body weight on the right leg which is straight. You must raise the leg constantly and lower the head and upper body to form a horizontal line from toes to head with arms at the sides.

7. Swan Dive: You lie with face downwards and arms stretched overhead. You must raise the legs and arms nearly 6 inches off the floor and circle the arms to your sides; as you exhale, you must reach the arms to the toes and bring them to the original position.

8. Bridge opposite arm-leg reach: This exercise targets the abs; you can lie on the mat with your left knee bent and the foot flat, extending the right leg towards the roof. You can reach out to the roof with the left arm and hold the right arm at the side. Now, you must open the lifted leg towards the right and the raised hand towards the left.

9. Jumping Jacks: This is an effective warm-up exercise which boat poseoffers excellent cardio workouts when you do not have the time to run or jog.

10. Pull Ups: You can target the back muscles with pull-ups; you will however need something to hold onto like in the case of table rows.

11. Low Belly Leg Reach: You must lie down facing up and with knees bent at 90 degrees and hands behind the head. You have to raise the shoulders to crunch up and then breathe out to extend the legs to a 45 degree angle as you contract the abs.

12. Straight-line side lifts: For this, you must lie on the left side with straight legs stacked on top of each other. You have to rest the head on the left arm and lift both legs as you breathe in. As you breathe out, you must lower these slowly just a little off the floor.

13. Eagle Pose: This is also another yoga pose which tests the balance; you must bend the knees and cross the right over the left leg at the thigh height and double cross it at the back of the left ankle or calf muscles. Wrapping the right arm below the left and back again over the top you must press palms together. Then you need to go down bending at the knees to go slightly forward.

14. Chair Twist: As you stand with feet together you have to bend the knees and lower till thighs are parallel to the floor to raise the arms upwards. You have to twist the torso to the right to put the left elbow outside of the right knee.

15. Caterpillar Plank: The feet are placed shoulder-width apart as you bend forward to place hands on the ground. You must crawl to come to a plank position and bend elbows to lower the body again towards the ground to push it back up. You will then bend the left knee to draw it towards the chest and twist the waist to raise the bent left leg till it is parallel to the ground.

16. Knee lift-leg kick combo: For this exercise, you must lie on the right side and support the body with the right elbow. The legs and hips are stacked and bent at the knees. Lifting the bent leg at the top, you must slowly bring it down and straighten both legs to come to a split position. The lower leg hovers slightly above the floor.

jumping17. Leg Extension Crunches: With hands on the ground behind you, you have to lean back and tighten the core to raise the legs off the ground. The knees are then bent to crunch these legs towards the body; you will extend them and raise them at the greatest height possible.

18. Caterpillar Walk: Here, you stand upright with your feet together and bend over to bring the hands down on the floor, walking slowly to come into a push-up stance. After doing a push-up, you walk the feet to your hands to come back to a standing position.

19. Tricep Dips: For this, you must sit with your knees bent and the feet separated at hip-width. Keeping the hands behind your body or on the hips you have to raise the hips off the ground, bending and straightening the elbows as you do so.

20. Incline Plank: When you are in a seated stance with the feet ahead of you, you must place the hands on the floor behind your waist. You have to stretch out both legs and press the palms and heels to lift the hips.

21. Side Crunch and Pulse: To do this, you need to lie with your face up and the knees bent at right angles. Lowering the knees to your left side, you must crunch up and then return to lift the shoulders and stretch the left arm to pulse it forward.

22. Y Squat Calf Raise: You have to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and extend the arms to the ceiling to form a Y shape. With raised arms, you must lower the body to a squat position till things are seen to be parallel to the ground. You have to then lift yourself again on your toes.

23. Low Plank: You start in a plank and then keeping the body straight, you have to bend your elbows to lower the body further.

24. Opposite Arm and Leg Lifts: You have to start on fours and extend the right arm ahead of you as you stretch the left leg backwards. The same action is repeated on the other side using alternate arms and legs.

25. Squat Side Kick: Keeping the feet hip-width apart, you can go into a squat. Then you have to lift the right knee to your hip, extending this leg to your side and then straighten the left leg.

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