Best Ways to Burn Fat Without Losing Muscle

Getting rid of body fat without losing muscle can be a hard task to workoutaccomplish. You should be aware of the workout and diet methods that work effectively. Most people have succeeded in losing fat and gaining muscle simultaneously, while others have failed for several reasons. They may have followed the right workout regime but a poor diet or vice versa. Therefore, here are 7 tips that have worked well for several fitness enthusiasts to get rid of excess fat without losing muscle. These are some of the best ways that have shown positive results in people.

1. Include adequate amount of protein

In order to maintain your muscles or build them, consider adequate amount of protein in your diet as there are many benefits to it. Firstly, it boosts your metabolism level and keeps you going through the day. Protein utilizes more energy for digestion than fat or carbs. Secondly, it keeps you feeling full, which helps you avoid mindful eating or overeating. Lastly, it works beneficial in preventing muscle loss that normally happens when you limit your calorie intake; explore nutrisystem lean13 reviews to learn more about including protein. Your focus should be on a minimum of 1 gram of protein for every pound of bodyweight. Stick to clean sources of protein like lean meat, eggs, and fish.

2. Consider BCAAS in your diet

BCAAs or Branched Chained Amino Acids are basically amino acids that should come from your diet. They are stored within body muscles and can be utilized for energy while performing workouts. When your body is going through the cutting stage, BCAAs is the best choice over high caloric protein supplements as they contain low calories. This will ensure that you are maintaining the calorie deficit required to get slimmer.

3. Consider carbs post workout

Carbs are not bad and rather beneficial during the process of fat loss. Carbohydrates should be considered when you are determined to get leaner. When you perform rigorous heavy lifting workouts, there is a high chance of muscle fibers getting damaged. As a result, the energy reserves of the body require some refueling. Hence, when you starve of carbs, it does not offer any recovery benefits. However, if you choose to include carbs after workout, it works well as the metabolism level is higher. Also, insulin sensitivity and your ability of tolerating carbs are higher post workouts. Choose starches such as baked potatoes, rice, and sweet potatoes. This helps you to begin the recovery process and you can fuel your body with the energy it needs to perform at its best.

4. Get 8 hours of sleep at night

If training is important during the fat loss phase, recovery is equally important too. You are making your body to go through high amount of stress by restricting calories and at the same time performing heavy weights. Hence your muscles need time for recovery and rebuilding. A good night sleep is highly recommended especially after the physical exertion you go through during the day. It also comes in the way of muscle growth and makes you feel lethargic due to lack of sleep.

5. Avoid crash diets and choose moderate ones

Crash diets often lead to muscle loss regardless of what you do. It is too harsh on the body and gives insufficient nutrients for healing and recovery. In addition, you end up facing health problems and suffer from malnutrition. Therefore, aim at calorie deficit of 500 to begin with as it does not affect your muscles. Keep a close watch on your progress every week by taking photos, measuring circumferences and body fat percentage. This helps in ensuring that you are going in the right direction.

6. Follow light aerobic cardio

Cardio training is a part of fat loss but choosing the right type of cardio makes all the difference. It can either build your muscles or simply destroy them. Hence, choosing slow and simple types of aerobic workouts is recommended. Walk on a treadmill using the incline option, jog lightly or perform a simple bike ride to obtain the benefits of cardio. Following a light pace will help you utilize only the Type 1 muscle fibers. These are highly resistant towards fatigue and improve blood circulation for clearing metabolic waste and lactic acid. Also, it works towards improving your energy levels to perform more intense exercises with adequate recovery in between sets.

7. Combine hypertrophy with strength training

Strength training like lifting heavy weights largely depends on your neural drive. It is basically the speed you use for switching from Type 1 to Type 2 muscle fibers. It is best to combine strength along with hypertrophy to form a high intensity muscle building session. For instance, do 5 reps of heavy weights, rest for about 20 seconds and repeat the same for 3 reps and rest. Perform 2 more reps thereafter. It is a great workout for your muscles.

Thus, these are some of the tried methods to burn fat and retain muscles.

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