The Best YouTube Fitness Channels

plankHere are some of the best fitness channels of YouTube that offer workouts online for those with time constraints. These workouts are free to watch and do not require you to shell out money like you do for a gym enrollment fee. In addition to workouts, these channels also offer tips on diets and how to follow clean diets.

1. BeFit

This channel provides a great workout on each day of the week. In addition to daily updates, the channel also provides a 90 day workout system and 30 day butt lift and building of 6 pack abs in 30 designs. This helps in shedding those additional pounds and focus on specific problematic areas. The channel offers a wide range of videos that help in matching any workout for those aiming at burning fat, toning up and sculpting muscles. There are also fun dance sessions including Pilates. The channel from Lionsgate boasts some of the renowned fitness trainers like Denise Austin, Scott Herman and Jillian Michaels.

2. Blogilates

The host of this workout channel is Cassey Ho who is known for his liveliness and fun attitude. The instructor provides a wide series of fun and attractive videos that promise fitness while you have fun. The videos get uploaded once in a week which includes Hot Summer, Flat Belly Fat Burner POP HIIT and more. The channel also offers videos related to nutrition and diet that helps in losing weight effectively. The talkative instructor boosts your energy level and helps you stay on track throughout the fitness program. There are animated hits as the background music which motivates people to a great extent. The link for the channel has been given below.

3. The Daily HIIT

Most people like this fitness channel as it makes them perform HIIT even in their hectic schedules providing shorter videos. This channel is indeed on trend as it focuses mainly on HIIT. The videos are updated on a daily basis and it’s called as 24 hour fitness training pal. The videos offer high intensity workouts that aim at distinct areas in order to help people meet their personal fitness goals. Some of the workouts offered by this channel include HIIT Body, HIIT Reps, HIIT Core and Yoga. The trainers have a great and fitter body that helps people to get motivated and perform the workouts consistently. The link for the channel is as follows:

4. Fitness Blender

The best part about this channel is that you don’t feel unwanted pressure or stress while performing the workouts. The workouts are simple and easy to grasp. The fitness channel is hosted by Daniel and Kelly, the husband and wife with an objective of offering positive fitness outcomes for its viewers. The channel comes with 300 workouts routines that are full length with new videos being uploaded almost every week. Fitness Blender covers several areas like bodyweight exercises, Pilates, strength training, HIIT and circuit training. The workouts differ depending on the level of difficulty and fitness.  As a result, it has everything suitable for distinct individuals. If you are not too familiar with the workout channels, the Fitness Blender is a great channel to begin with. Check out the link of the channel given below:

5. Amanda Russell

The channel understands the requirement of every girl in terms of physical fitness and offers great workouts for summer or spring. Amanda Russell is the winner of Next Up Trainer competition in YouTube and has been the consultant of fitness earlier. The trainer teaches the importance of fitness, preparing foods, and eating healthy foods. There are videos uploaded every week and it offers exercises like Train like a Supermodel, Bikini Body Pilates and more. The channel is quite renowned and also featured in several publications such as Forbes and Women’s Health. The instructor is friendly and keeps you engaged in the workouts throughout the program. The channel is ideal to perform especially if you have no time to visit the gym. You can simply stay at home and perform workouts through this popular fitness channel.


There is no denying that workouts and diet go hand in hand and hence this channel offers the combination of both. This channel is perfect if you are on the lookout for something that offers total body workouts along with effective diets. There are more than 500 videos that provide information on series of topics like health, nutrition and diet in addition to workout videos that is easier to follow. There are numerous instructors that jointly work to offer this channel different uploads like 90 Second Circuit Training, Quick Burn Hip Series and Medicine Ball Abs Workout. You can refer to the channel link mentioned below.

These are some of the effective fitness channels that offer information and guidance on several workouts to help you keep fit and maintain your weight.

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