10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Every Fitness Lover You Know

When you are looking for that perfect gift for a fitness lover that you know, you can choose from many exciting products today. Instead of spending money on buying things that he may or may not make use of, it is best to invest in products which are sure to appeal to him. Below is given a list of handy fitness items which any fitness lover will find very useful:

headphoneHeadphones: Headphones are always the best kind of gifts to give when you know that the friend you are gifting loves to run or hike or jog. The headphones run on Bluetooth which means that whenever the phone is close by, you can use these. You can also choose from fancy Skullcandy earbud sets which are currently very popular in the market because of their vibrant colors. Such headphones will also be resistant to sweat and they can be your perfect companion on your mile-long jog or run.

Fitness Trackers: The more advanced versions of popular fitness trackers are wireless. They use Bluetooth-powered syncing features so that you can track your sleep, fitness, and daily workouts. They can also be customized depending on your color and size preferences. The Fitbit for instance, has today become the must-have device for all fitness enthusiasts; this will track your steps and calories and even the number of steps you have climbed as well as your sleep patterns.

Smart Body Analyzer: This will measure the body composition, weight, heart rates and air quality for you. It allows you to identify the body mass by choosing body type. This feature is very useful because athletes can be of varying sizes and shapes. The data gets stored safely in the smartphones and you can conveniently track this data to stay updated about your workout progress.

Bombas Socks: These are an excellent gift idea for the fitness lover you know especially if he is into running regularly. Wearing regular socks while running can cause small blisters that may interfere with your pace and cause much pain afterwards. But the Bombas socks have come as a welcome relief for runners. They have a snug but not too-tight fit and they can withstand regular wear and tear. The design and stitching of these socks is smart and ensures that you experience zero soreness and blisters.

Gym Bag: A gym bag is always a great gift for any fitness lover that you know. Whether you friend does yoga, or lifts weights or is a runner, he will find a gym bag very handy. This bag is perfect for carrying around extra shoes, change of clothes, mats, towels and any other thing that you may need at the gym.

Fruit Infuser Bottle: If you have to stay in shape it is important to stay hydrated. Other than drinking water, you can use a fruit infuser bottle to place cucumbers and strawberries, other vegetables and fruits of your choice.

Running Arm Band: When you are running, you will need the perfect playlist to go with your run to make it more enjoyable and satisfying. The running arm band which is available in the market can be a perfect gift for your friend as it fits the iPhone and there is also some extra space where you can keep the keys and some cash.

Blender Bottle: When your friend is someone who is into weight lifting and blender bottledrinks protein shakes and smoothies, you can consider gifting him a Blender Bottle. This makes sure that any item which is placed in it is mixed up perfectly. You can buy the Umoro One that is known to be excellent for taking protein shakes, sports supplements and meal replacements to the gym. The storage compartments in such bottles are completely leak-proof and there will be no spillage.

The Flip Belt is another trendy-looking accessory to join the fitness fashion bandwagon. This is stylish to look at and has a sleek appearance. It can fit onto the waist in a snug manner and it is capable of holding all your important workout necessities like iPod and iPhone, keys and even cash. This comes in spandex-lycra materials which ensure that it does not move during your workouts.

Muscle Rub: You can consider buying the organic muscle rub for your fitness lover friend. This is an excellent post-workout rub which can relieve the soreness in the muscles and prevents pain from stiff joints. This is made from the arnica flower which is a healing herb with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Cayenne and capsaicin will send blood to the affected area and reduce a substance which sends the pain signal to the brain.

These are some exciting gift ideas for your fitness lover friends that you know they are bound to appreciate.

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