High Intensity Interval Training

hiitHigh Intensity Interval Training or HIIT refers to a type of interval training and a cardiovascular workout strategy which alternates between short spurts of intense aerobic workouts and less-intense rest periods. There are periods of very hard work that are followed by short periods of rest. The maximum intensity workout is followed by a temporary low-intensity workout when the individual has not yet recovered to continue. The total duration of HIIT training typically lasts for a little less than half-an-hour. The durations can vary depending on the person’s existing fitness levels. The reason to practice HIIT is to increase your fitness levels and help the body to burn more fat. So, this form of training can help to enhance the athletic capacity of participants and their glucose metabolism.

Why is HIIT training useful?

  • HIIT training is believed to be a fantastic workout for people who have a busy schedule and are unable to squeeze out much time for a proper workout. It may also help you to get into shape when you must look fit for some fast-approaching event. Studies have revealed that only 15 minutes of this form of training performed about thrice a week can help you to burn more calories than someone who has been walking for an hour on the treadmill.
  • Besides burning more calories through a HIIT training session, you end up burning more fats in the next 24 hours following this session. Extreme training can also offer you excellent results as those practicing these workouts can actually perform their sporting activities better than before.
  • While biking running or rowing may all be effective for burning calories, here, you do not need any equipment. Whether it is jumping or high knees, you can accelerate your heart rate without having to depend on any gym equipment.
  • When you have been following a diet, you are aware that it is very difficult not to lose muscle mass when you are burning fat. Studies have revealed that HIIT training sessions will let the dieter preserve his muscle mass even when he is successfully losing the extra pounds. Besides, HIIT will also stimulate release of HGH or Human Growth Hormone by nearly 450% in the 24 hours post-workout.
  • The best part about doing the HIIT training is that you can try thisexercise anywhere; you do not need a specific place or special equipments to perform these. And most importantly, it is very challenging to say the least. It is not something that can be done while chatting with friends or reading books; the period is limited and the workouts are super challenging. There is absolutely no scope for getting distracted or bored when doing the HIIT.
  • HIIT is also known to boost body metabolism. It allows participants to consume greater amount of oxygen as compared to any other workout routine. This excess oxygen in turn will help to boost your metabolic rate. This will indirectly help your body burn a greater number of calories at a much faster pace.
  • Finally, HIIT is preferable because you get to select your own workouts; you need not limit yourself to cardio activities like biking or running. You could choose a preferred cardio exercise to convert it into a HIIT training workout.

Some HIIT workouts:

ab1. Ab, Cross, Front: To do this, you must stand placing the right foot ahead of the left foot and hips facing the left side. The arms should be in a boxing stance as you jab or punch forward using your right arm. You must then perform a “cross” punch using the other arm. So, the body twists when the left arm crosses towards the right. The weight must be on the right foot with the back heel slightly off the floor. You must then return both arms to the body transferring the weight back to your original position.

2. Jumping Jacks: To do this exercise you will need to stand with the feet hip-width apart. As you jump the feet out, you need to lift up the arms. This action is to be performed as quickly as possible.

3. Sumo Squats: Here, the feet must be slightly wider than your hips and the toes have to be pointed outwards at a 45-degree angle. Keeping the body weight on the heels and holding the chest and back straight, you must lower the body so that the things are parallel to the ground. Then engaging the quads and glutes, you need to push yourself back to the original position.

4. Push-Ups: To do this, you have to place the hands on the floor below shoulders and keep the toes ground on the floor to make sure the lower body is stable. Engaging the core, hamstrings and glutes, you need to hold the body straight and then lower the body till the chest can graze the floor. As you breathe out, you need to push back your body to the original position by holding the core muscles tight.

5. Squats:  The squats are a complete body-fitness exercise which will target the glutes, hips, hamstrings, quads and strengthen your core. They also help to enhance coordination and balance, together with bone density.

6. Butt Kicks: You can do this while jogging or walking in place by kicking the right heel upwards to touch the bottom and then repeating with the other leg.

7. Tricep Dips: Here, you can put your hands on a low table or a chair and keep the back towards the chair. You must keep the legs extended as you balance your weight on the palms. By bending the elbows, you need to lower your body as much as you can and then use the palms to press to come back to the starting position.

8. Side Lunges: Keeping the body weight on your heels, you must hold the toes forwards and step to your left to come to a deep lateral lunge. The knees are to be held above the toes. The same action will have to be repeated using the other leg.

The above-mentioned exercises are some of the exercises you can make use of when following a HIIT routine.

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