Lose Belly Fat With Just Two Exercises

kettlebellThere are endless workouts to do when it comes to eliminating belly fat. However, it is difficult to figure out which workout is more effective for your body. Instead of performing series of workouts which may or may not yield results, you can do with just two workouts that will certainly help you lose belly fat effectively. With the help of two workouts namely squat thrust and dumbbell or kettlebell swing, you can fulfill your dreams of having a flatter belly for life.

How does it work?

When you do 15 reps of dumbbell or kettlebell swing followed by 15 reps of squat thrust, you can see amazing results. However, you need to ensure that there is no rest in between. Start with 14 reps of kettle swing and immediately 14 reps of squat thrust. This pattern should be continued until you finish only one repetition of each workout. It is known as a countdown workout.

These two workouts are performed at fast pace. It takes about 3 seconds per reps to perform these workouts. Hence, you will complete 240 reps approximately within 12 minutes. It offers a good workout for your muscles which makes them gasp for some air in a healthy way. It is best to give it a try to understand that it is not as simple as it sounds. Some people may not even finish it at the beginning. But, don’t lose hope and start with fewer reps like 8 or 10 and gradually increase the number of reps as you get habituated. If you think that you require a higher challenge, you may pause after 240 reps and repeat the same workouts again.

Point to be noted

Regardless of whether you are lifting weights or simply running, your body muscles require energy to keep it going. So look for suggestions of nutrisystem lean 13 reviews online. Therefore, these workouts target mostly your muscles to get them into action and the impact is more when compared to jogging for the same amount of time. The advantage is that it boosts your metabolism for longer hours after the workout. In addition, it does not impact your joints like jogging and hence it can be done on higher intensity as well. It is indeed an ideal workout routine that can be followed by overweight or obese people too. The benefit of these workouts is that it can be performed within the comfort of your home. All you need is a dumbbell or kettlebell.

Tips to perform countdown exercises

8 reps of dumbbell or kettlebell swing should be done and then immediately 8 reps of squat thrust. Ensure that there is no resting in between. Do 7 reps of dumbbell swing and 7 reps of squat thrust until you come down to1. However, it should not be overdone. If you feel that your body is unable to take it, you can stop instantly rather than straining it excessively. When you start this session next time, you can alter your starting point accordingly so that you can finish your reps without stopping in between. Once you are better at it, you can begin with higher number. It is in fact the best alternative for 15 minutes of treadmill workout. It may not be a complete workout program, but it certainly works to slim down your belly by burning excess fat.

  1. Dumbbell or Kettlebell Swing

dumbbellIn order to perform this workout, fold your hips holding a dumbbell or a kettlebell using both hands at the length of the arms towards you. Slightly rock backwards and hike dumbbell between your legs. Thereafter, press your glutes while thrusting your hips in the front forcefully. Now, swing the weight at shoulder’s height by allowing momentum to swing weight. Here, you are not lifting the weight with your arms actively. Now, reverse the same movement to ensure that you swing the dumbbell between your legs once more. While doing this move, your lower back should not be circled and stay in arched position when you bend your hips. Now, keep swinging back and forth.

  1. Squat Thrust

To perform this exercise, stand tall by widening your feet slightly at shoulder width distance. Bend your knees and hips to squat down lowering your body till the time your hands can touch the floor. Your legs should be kicked backwards like a pushup move and reverse the move immediately and stand up quickly. This is one repetition, but if you want to make this workout challenging, jump up while squatting instead of standing up.

Although it may seem like its only two workouts, but when you calculate, it is a lot more. When you finish the overall routine, you are actually doing 120 reps of each workout. This is equivalent to 240 reps and the best part is that these are effective workouts that work to burn fat from your body, especially from your belly area. These are workouts that challenge your complete body to lose belly fat.

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