7 ways to Lose body fat in 7 days

1It is indeed possible to shed the excess fat from your body in a week’s time by following some positive lifestyle habits. These guidelines may be challenging for most but they are very effective and will give you guaranteed results.

  1. Good Diet: It goes without saying that the first step to lose the extra fat is obviously a well-crafted diet plan. This will help you to eliminate the subcutaneous water weight which causes the bloat. When you have an oversized belly to deal with, it is likely that you will take longer than a week to get your body into shape.
  2. Recommended Calorie Intake: It is recommended that you take in about 10 calories for each pound you weigh and about a gram of protein. However, 20% of these calories must come from fats and the rest from intake of carbohydrates. You can keep upgrading and downgrading your carb intake depending on your needs. But, the fat and protein intake recommended should not be interfered with.
  3. Cutting Out Allergens: You may have successfully shed a lot of fat by consuming artificial sweeteners and wheat bread but you must consciously eliminate these from your diet. This is to reduce any chances of bloating that may occur because of water retention. You will find that gluten and dairy products are common in many condiments like dressings for salads and sauces; so it is necessary to read through the food labels carefully to keep the intake minimum. Instead you can make your meals tastier by using balsamic vinegar or sea salt.
  4. Replenishing Carbs: It is important to give back carbs to your body after you have trained. In case you work out at night, after which eating carbs may be difficult, you should ensure that you replenish it by eating part of the required amount on that night and the rest on the following night. The body’s sensitivity to insulin will remain quite high for two days after a training session. This ensures that glycogen will go to the muscles and the glycogen stores will remain intact unless you perform strength training again. When you feel too flat on the following days, you can up your carb intake slightly but if you feel bloated, you should limit them. However, no dietary adjustment must be drastic and big.
  5. Know when/what to work out: When you are preparing for a big event, it is important to stop working out at least 72 hours prior to it. This is because the body looks better when the glycogen store in your muscles is high; so it is necessary to give the body the time it needs to refill its glycogen store. When you train till the last day, the carb stores are severely depleted and you will end up looking less bulgy and flat. When you are planning for a big event, you should refrain from working out the abs; sending glycogen to your abs will not make them bulgy like the shoulders and biceps. Even cardio training is discouraged because you need to store glycogen. Doing interval training will only use up this fuel source. Instead, it is better to opt for aerobic training or walking.
  6. Keep Yourself Hydrated: To look dry, you should not stop yourself from 2drinking water. The result is that the body reacts and tries to retain water to prevent dehydration. When you have an event coming up the next day, you can restrict your water intake slightly so that your body appears tighter. Intake of water is beneficial as it will transport all important nutrients to the body cells efficiently; this benefits your overall health and helps you build quality muscles. Water will also effectively eliminate all wastes from the body by flushing out the toxins. This makes the body look healthier and the skin gains greater elasticity so that you do not get stretch marks. Finally, water will greatly enhance your complexion and may even help you to stay away from injuries.
  7. Increasing Salt Intake: Salt is a prime cause for water retention in the body making it bloat. But when you cut it down completely, your body makes every effort to avoid water loss. So, it is imperative to continue using salt in your meals at least a day before the event.

Apart from these guidelines, you should avoid overeating or indulging in foods that your body does not really need. It is always better to pause for sometime before reaching out for a second helping to see whether your body actually needs that helping. It is also advisable to get a lot of sleep hours because this will give you the energy you need for the following day. This is important when you are limiting your carb intake.

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