Max Trainer M5 Reviews – Pros and Cons

When you are keen to purchase effective fitness equipment that willbowflex-max-trainer combine the movements of an elliptical machine and a stair-stepper to help you burn a greater number of calories, you should consider investing in the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 models. The Max Trainer M5 is actually the premium model in the Max Trainer series launched by the reputed company Bowflex.

What has made the Max Trainer M5 so popular among fitness enthusiasts?

  1. Higher Calorie Burning Feature: This fitness device weighs about 300 pounds and contains multiple features that come with a rather unique design. You are guaranteed to burn two-and-a-half times more calories than you would otherwise burn out by working out on a treadmill. It also promises to engage your upper body more than 80% than you could hope to on any other fitness machine. Using the Max Trainer M5 you can therefore burn as many as 280 calories in a span of only 14 minutes. This makes this fitness equipment perfect for individuals who do not have the luxury of working out in their home or in a gym every day for long hours. This equipment will give you effective and visible results even when you cannot take time out for elaborate workouts. Moreover, since there is negligible impact on your body, this machine is easy on your joints and you are never likely to experience any major injury when you work out on the M5.
  2. Versatility: The Max Trainer M5 has a great design with multiple user-friendly features to choose from like a wide range of resistance levels. You can manually adjust the levels using a turn dial. There is a burn rate indicator that will display exactly how many calories you have successfully burned during a session. You are also free to set your own target levels; this will help you to keep yourself motivated. You are more likely to stay on track with your fitness plans and you can make your own adjustments to experience a better workout.
  3. User-Friendly Display Feature: The Max Trainer M5 has a rather convenient display screen that is easy to read because it is backlit. There are as many as 8 built-in fitness programs which you can choose from such as the Calorie Burn, Max Interval, Fitness Test, Smart Max Interval programs etc. Bowflex has also offered a free app for its customers which will allow them to track their workout progress seamlessly. This Max Trainer fitness app is compatible with both Apple and Android phones; you can store and sync the results easily using this application on your smartphone. Besides the display feature, the Max Trainer M5 has other user-friendly attributes like the chest strap to monitor the user’s heart rate, contact grip sensors which are found on the handlebars, water bottle holder for the convenience of the individual working out on the machine and a media shelf to keep your handy devices for music and entertainment purposes.
  4. Fitness Benefits: While the Max Trainer M5 on the one hand offers as many as 16 resistant levels to the user to choose from, it also gives them a unique opportunity to work out their upper body unlike other fitness machines. You do not have to compromise on your cardio workout in order to strengthen your upper arms. You can even track your progress through a user-friendly application on your phones. The machine is undoubtedly one of the most visually appealing fitness equipments in the market guaranteed to offer you a comprehensive workout any time of the day.
  5. Easy Installation: This fitness machine is easy to install because it comes with a handy manual which clearly states the instructions you must follow to set it up. The parts are also labeled well and you can have it up and ready within the hour.
  6. Operational Ease: Climbing on top of the machine is easy too and the machine has rather large steppers for the user to hop on and off it with ease without hurting themselves. The control panel is right at the center and the digital speedometer is next to it. There are multiple resistance levels and you can select one that you find comfortable to follow. For the best calorie burning results, it is recommended that you opt for the Interval Training sessions like the Smart Max Interval and the Max Interval.
  7. Space-Saving: This machine has an impressive footprint and does not take up too much space for storing at home.
  8. Warranty: The machine also comes with a two-year warranty which is fine considering how feature-rich this equipment is. You can also benefit from their customer-friendly return policy which allows you to give back the product within six weeks if you are not satisfied with it and claim a total refund.

Given these amazing features, it comes as no surprise why the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 is so highly recommended by fitness experts. Bowflex has always come out with outstanding fitness products guaranteed to offer you an incredible workout experience. The best way to enjoy positive results is to select a couple of training modes and stick to these to get faster results. If you switch between multiple modes, the results are likely to be inconsistent and far from encouraging. You can also benefit from this machine, even if you are a novice because there are many preset programs designed for beginners. While you will find many critics complaining about the steep prices for such Bowflex products, the truth is that it is worth every penny you spend on it. You can buy this machine for use at home by different family members, as there is some fitness program for everyone. While every year you will come across some new fitness equipment making tall claims about how effective it is for fitness enthusiasts and how superior it is to its predecessors, you have to understand that most of these claims are untrue. The Max Trainer M5 however can be considered to be an exception in this regard because it actually gives better results in shorter time. While none of the workouts are very easy, beginners can actually work their way up by starting off with the simplest exercises and the lowest resistance levels. They can build up their strength and stamina so that their metabolism also increases. And most importantly, unlike the regular treadmills that can have a disastrous effect on your knees and joints, this machine gives you a low-impact workout which is least harmful for your body.

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