Max Trainer M7 Reviews – Does it Justify its Price?

maxresdefault (1)The Max Trainer M7 is the latest addition to the Max Trainer series by Bowflex and an excellent investment for the serious fitness enthusiast. It is a great alternative to elliptical trainers and treadmills because it guarantees a much higher calorie burning. This versatile fitness equipment offers many different resistance levels and can therefore cater to the needs of different categories of fitness trainees. It also offers a comprehensive upper-body workout that you are not likely to experience in any other machine. The low impact workout sessions ensure that you do not feel tired; rather, you are certain to feel rejuvenated post-workout.

Reasons to buy the Max Trainer M7 model:

While all the Max Trainer models are highly recommended for fitness training purposes, this recent M7 model scores higher compared to its predecessors because if some striking and additional features:

  • Lower Injury Risks: Like all other Max Trainer models, the Max Trainer M7 guarantees fewer injuries because the workout sessions are designed to be low-impact. The design is such that your body will be continuously in touch with this machine’s pedals and you are not likely to experience pain in your joints that is most common when you run outdoors or use the treadmill at gyms.
  • Higher Calorie Burning Rates: The machine offers zero-impact workouts and the handlebars are mobile; this allows you to burn more calories compared to workout results on treadmills or stair steppers or elliptical trainers.
  • Versatility: Since the machine comes with as many as 20 resistance levels, users have the flexibility to choose any level of their preference. This also makes the M7 an improvement over the previous Max Trainer models which offered 8 and 16 levels only.
  • Workouts for the Upper Body: This model also provides a comprehensive workout for your upper body through its moving handles with ergonomic grips for user convenience, making the equipment more effective than standard elliptical trainers.
  • Preset Workout Programs: The Max Trainer M7 model has a manual mode and preset exercise sessions. There are two sections; The Manual Mode which contains programs like the Max 7 and Max 14 minute Interval, Power Interval, Steady Pace and Calorie Goal, and the other section or Performance Mode that comprises of goals which you can adjust depending on your progress. When you are a Max Trainer user, you can enjoy access to 4 treadmill workouts through the Motion Traxx app. Moreover, the Max Trainer M7 also allows you to send the workout data and results to the Bowflex app for tracking your progress better.
  • Ergonomic Design: Whether it is grips and pedals that come with the M7 or the chest strap for monitoring heart rate of users, the manufacturer focuses on making these accessories comfortable and ergonomic. Unlike the M3 and M5 models, the M7 provides wireless heart-rate monitoring feature. The model is also equipped with high-end stainless steel pedals having quality grips on their handlebars for user comfort and safety.
  • Multiple User Feature: As many as four trainees are able to store their user profiles on this machine; they can also get customized workout goals. This is an improvement over the other models from Max Trainer which allow you to save only two user profiles.
  • Space Saving: The Max Trainer M7 hardly takes up much room in your home and compared to treadmills they are far convenient; they weigh about 148 pounds and there are transport wheels attached to the unit for easy mobility.
  • Display: The Max Trainer M7 from Bowflex is also equipped with a great display having a huge backlit screen that allows easy reading. You can view the metrics to see the duration of your workouts and the number of calories you have burned in the process.
  • Flexibility: The Max Trainer M7 allows you to choose workouts according to your fitness targets. So, if you are aiming to lose weight, you need to select a cardiovascular workout session to use the machine for longer periods with minimal exertion. On the other hand, when you are looking for muscle gain, you must choose an alternative setting that lets you use the machine for a shorter time period but engages you in more exertion.
  • Miscellaneous Features: Apart from the standard features which you will find in most Max Trainer models with definite improvements noticeable in the latest M7 model, there are additional features like water bottle holder or spacious media rack for the convenience of the trainees.
  • Free Shipping: Shipping costs are waived when your place orders for the Max Trainer M7 models. You are also free to try the machine out for a 6 week period; if you are not happy with it, you can return the product and claim refunds. The model comes with a two-year warranty like its predecessor the M5. This is also a rather attractive feature given the fact that most other fitness equipments typically have a 6-month warranty or a year’s warranty at the most.

Given these advantages of using the Max Trainer, there is no doubt about the fact that this model by Bowflex is here to stay. It combines the leg workout motions of the stair climber with the fluid motion of elliptical trainers. A combination of these two kinds of movements is found to have effective results and can contribute to substantial weight loss. So, the M7 user is likely to lose almost 300 calories within 14 minutes. The rate of calorie burn will definitely depend on the level of intensity of your workouts. The M7 is a great addition to your home gym because it will change its goals when you are able to meet these. So, when you have cleared an initial resistance level successfully, it will offer you a totally new workout plan to advance further. Moreover, once you have selected a workout program of your choice, you can get the M7 coach to assist you with on-screen instructions. This feature is also an improvement over the earlier models.

The Bowflex Max Trainer M7 is therefore the perfect alternative to any other traditional cardio-training equipment. Those who are willing to spend more can avail of this model because it is ideally suited for athletes who are keen to avoid injuries at any cost. This can also work for the whole family because there are many different resistance levels to choose from and almost everyone will be interested in weight loss by working out in short periods. So, the biggest advantage of using this Max Trainer model is that it will give you guaranteed results even when you cannot give a lot of time to exercising every day. It may cost slightly more than traditional treadmills or elliptical trainers, but, at the end, its results are far more effective.

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