Medifast Alternatives

03 (1)Medifast is a doctor recommended program offering a safe weight loss result. More than 20,000 doctors have been recommending this diet program to people and is a scientifically proven weight loss program. The program insists dieters to eat 4 or 5 meals a day and cook one lean and green meal on their own. The program provides easy to follow guides which the dieters can use for planning and preparing their diet meals. Initially, dieters were able to follow this diet plan only through doctor recommendation but now dieters can order meals online and diet conveniently at the comfort of their own home. Anyone wanting to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle can follow Medifast diet program. The program aims to offer quicker weight loss through its 65 meal varieties that are low glycemic, low fat and low in calories.

Best alternatives of Medifast

Nutrisystem is the best alternative to Medifast and it is also cheaper than Medifast. Nutrisystem is a well known meal delivery service serving the fitness aspirants for more than four decades. Nutrisystem meals can be ordered online through their official website are delivered to the dieters doorstep. The meals are packed in microwavable bags preserving the nutrition and flavor. The meal program insists its dieters to have 5 or 6 meals in a day leaving about 2 to 3 hours interval between the meals. It also recommends adding fresh fruits and vegetables to the daily diet to imbibe good eating habits into the dieters’ lifestyle. The program assures 2lbs of steady weight loss if their recommendations are followed thoroughly. Its latest launch Lean 13, help women to lose 13 lbs and 7 inches and men to lose 15 lbs and 7 inches. This plan is recommended as the starter plan as it jumpstarts the weight loss journey and accelerates it to achieve good result. The plan provides meals for a week along with turboshakes and nutricrush bars. The shakes contain probiotics and fiber making you feeling energized and full.  The nutricrush bars can be relished during intervals to put off the hunger pangs. After completing Lean 13, dieters can shift to any of the custom plans of Nutrisystem.

How does Nutrisystem work?

The diet planner provides foods through its three standard plans which are customizable and offer huge variety of meals. The basic plan alone provides a default menu which means the meals are preselected for you. The other two plans, core and uniquely yours, have a huge menu offering full freedom to the dieters to customize their choice of meals. While the basic and core plan offer shelf stable foods uniquely yours offers both shelf stable and frozen varieties. The subscribers of core and uniquely yours plan get unlimited access to online tracking features and diet counseling. Apart from these standard plans, Nutrisystem offers specialized plans for diabetics and vegetarians which are again categorized as basic, core and uniquely yours.

The meals are delivered for 28 days in microwavable pouches which the dieters can reheat and eat during meal times. The foods are free from trans fat, artificial sweeteners and flavors. Out of 150 meal options, about 120 diet foods are prepared without using any artificial preservatives. The Nutrisystem diet expert team ensures that the foods are prepared using the vital nutrients and components that are low in fat, carbs, sodium and sugar. Besides, the meals are well portion controlled which eliminates the difficulty of dieters counting their daily calorie consumption.

Nutrisystem cost

Nutrisystem meals are reasonably priced and if you choose even the 04 (1)top rated plan which is uniquely yours, the cost per day of the meals comes to approximately $11.96. The basic and core plan come to approximately $9.86 and $10.54 per day respectively. Men’s plans are priced slightly higher than all other plans, as they are supplied an extra meal every day. This is because men have a higher calorie requirement daily than women as their metabolic rate differs. However, Nutrisystem keeps sending discount coupons, seasonal offers and deals which can cut down your ordering cost to a greater extent. The diet planner also offers a money back guarantee for 14 days period against dissatisfaction. The dieters can return the foods within this period for a full refund exclusive of shipping charges.

Nutrisystem meal suggestions

Nutirsystem does not impose any fad dieting gimmicks on its dieters. It also does not ask the dieters to skip meals or starve without having food to lose weight. Nutrisystem supplies all the main meals that you usually take at home but they are prepared under the guidance of health experts using healthy weight loss ingredients. Nutrisystem meals are commonly low in glycemic indeed and sodium which helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels as well as blood pressure. The foods are also essentially low in fat and calories which helps in controlling the weight. Dieters with sweet tooth can enjoy the low calorie dessert and snacks varieties. Apart from consuming their daily meals, the diet planner insists dieters to consume fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis so that they receive the natural nutrients present in plant foods.

Convenient features of Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem weight loss program is very popular among the dieters for the various convenient features it offers. Nutrisystem does not ask its dieters to cook meals at home as it delivers all the meals inclusive of desserts and snacks to dieters’ place. Nutrisystem diet plans can be followed by anyone irrespective of age and gender and it does not need any doctor recommendation. The diet plans are very convenient to follow for busy people who are always on the go. The meal packages can be easily carried in the bags whichever place they travel to. The diet plans comply with the US national standards and also abide the USDA dietary guidelines.

Nutrisystem encourages it dieters to follow a workout for 30 minutes on a daily basis. It provides workout DVDs with instructions for easy following.

Final words

Nutrisystem is the best alternative to Medifast considering all the conveniences and features that the diet planner provides. When following Nutrisystem, dieters are assured with minimum weight loss of 2lbs per week.

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