Must eat foods while you are on diet

almondsMost people are under the belief that the success of a diet lies in cutting of unhealthy foods. Well, there is no denying that unhealthy foods add to your calories and come in the way of weight loss. But, to ensure that you are following a healthy diet, it is equally important to include healthy and nutritious foods to boost your energy levels; an elaborate nutrisystem lean13 review can help you learn more. Therefore, some of the must eat foods have been discussed below which is of paramount importance in your daily diet.


Despite of the fact that nuts contain high amount of calories, it should be included in your diet. The trick is to eat nuts in moderation. As far as the calories in nuts are concerned, it mainly comes from the monounsaturated fats. This is indeed beneficial for health and when you eat foods that contain such healthy fats, it reduces unhealthy cholesterol. In addition, it decreases the risk of heart diseases like stroke, heart attack and more. Nuts keep your heart healthy and also contain best source of protein, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Some of the healthy nuts include almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, pine nuts, and pecans. These nuts can be considered as the best foods during snack time.


Fish is healthy and an oily fish is even better. Some of the best examples of oily fish include sardines, mackerel, trout and salmon. These fishes are best known for their health benefits and can be consumed in moderation. For instance, two to four portions of fish per week is good to obtain its benefits. Besides being a good source of vitamins and minerals, it also has immune boosting vitamins and rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Fish contains unsaturated fatty acids and hence associated with lowering health risks like prostate cancer, dementia, stroke, brain damage and more. As per research, consumption of foods with omega 3 fatty acids can offer benefit to your eyes as well.


This is indeed one of super foods that offer health benefits to those following a healthy diet. As per studies, beetroot juice largely increases stamina when working out, decreases blood pressure and cholesterol and improves heart health as well as liver function. This vegetable is a good source of several vitamins and minerals like vitamin C. It helps in better development of tissue that reduces the risk of defects in babies and prevents diseases like anemia. Some of the foods that can be prepared out of beetroot include sandwiches, yoghurt, rolls, pancakes and more.

Dark leafy greens

Some of the examples for dark leafy green vegetables include kale, watercress and spinach. These vegetables are healthiest of all and should be included in your diet regularly. You can find best nutrients like vitamin C, potassium, calcium and iron. Besides, these vegetables contain photo nutrients that boost your health. When you include them in your diet, you can be rest assured to obtain health benefits like decreased blood pressure, lower risk of cognitive decline and good eye health.


This particular type of food has become popular recently and is easily available in several stores, be it retail or online. It is mostly known as a grain and is used instead of oats, wheat or pasta for a highly nutritious meal. Like other grains, quinoa is packed with fiber and is beneficial for the digestive system. One of the best characteristics of this grain is that it offers high quality protein and contains all 8 essential amino acids. Besides, it is also a good source of nutrients such as potassium, iron, manganese, calcium and magnesium.


Some of best berries include blackberry, goji berry, and blueberry. With several types of berries made available in the grocery market, it often becomes difficult to choose the right one. However, when it comes to berries, you can choose either of them mentioned above. These berries are healthier fruits and contain rich source of antioxidants with several health benefits. Some of the health benefits include prevention of dementia, fighting colon cancer, reducing and preventing urinary tract infections. You can include berries in your dishes like oats, yoghurt, cereal, and also smoothies.


Oatmeal has been considered as one of the most nutritious and healthiest options for breakfast. Grains are best for your health and work even better when consumed in its natural state. Hence choose whole oats as they contain minerals like iron, zinc, and calcium. They are also best source of vitamin B. As a result, it is beneficial for your nervous system. Besides, it has many other endless benefits like lowering the risk of heart diseases and high blood sugar, reducing cholesterol, blood pressure and improving the digestive system. The other main advantages of oats is that it keeps you feeling full for longer hours and makes you feel less hungry in between your meals. To enhance the taste of oats, you can add fresh fruits and avoid sugar to keep a good control on calories.


Beans can be had in several forms which includes, dry, baked or canned. This particular vegetable is an excellent source of fiber and aids in weight loss. It is a good source of antioxidants, nutrients and protein. As it contains soluble fiber, it helps in reducing cholesterol, controlling blood sugar and regularizes your digestive system. As per studies, beans also help in preventing health risks like cancer.


Most healthy salads are incomplete without tomatoes. It is one of the super foods that prevent your health. Tomatoes are best eaten in its raw form to obtain the health benefits. It may be a common fruit but works beneficial in strengthening your immune system, prevents many diseases like cancer and diabetes. It contains rich source of vitamin C, vitamin K and dietary fiber. It is also packed with antioxidants and a single serving of tomato can offer many beneficial effects on your health.

Thus, these are some of the foods that should be included in your diet. In addition to avoiding unhealthy and fatty foods, it is important to add these nutritious foods in your diet to obtain their health benefits to the fullest.

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