Nutrisystem Vegetarian Review – How Well Does it Work?

woman-cooking-dtWhat makes Nutrisystem programs different from that of the others is the sheer variety that you can enjoy when you sign up with this diet planner company. So, Nutrisystem not only helps you lose the extra pounds; it also offers different types of diet plans for different categories of diet seekers. This is why you can get different plans for women and men, for elders and children, for diabetics and even for vegetarians.

How has Nutrisystem helped vegetarians lose weight?

Earlier, losing weight was quite an issue for vegetarians because there were not many healthy meal options available to them. Most of the diet programs encourage dieters to cut down on carbs and fats, but advised them to eat more of lean proteins, primarily meat. This made it difficult for vegetarians to follow such diet plans. However, with the Nutrisystem Vegetarian plans, now vegetarians can hope to lose the extra weight without having to change their food preferences. All meals delivered by the diet planner are precooked and contain essential ingredients which are needed for optimal bodily functions.

The vegetarian plans offered by Nutrisystem can be classified into Basic, Core and Uniquely Yours categories. Vegetarians will choose their preferred meal plans depending on their budgets and needs. The Vegetarian programs are quite similar to the other diet programs offered by Nutrisystem. The options in menus may be slightly less than the options available for non-vegetarians, but you can choose from more than 60 choices. Each of these menus contains foods low in Glycemic Index to keep blood sugar levels from spiking; they include good carbs and lean proteins for a healthy and well-balanced diet.

What benefits can dieters get from the Nutrisystem Vegetarian meals?

  • When you sign up for Nutrisystem you can actually get access to plans that are specifically customized for vegetarians. This means that each of these menus is crafted keeping in mind the health needs of vegetarians.
  • Nutrisystem has a solid reputation for being a reliable diet planner. Its diet plans are designed after careful research and based on proper scientific calculations.
  • When you consume a wholly plant-based meal, you will benefit because such meals offer multiple health advantages.

The only downside to this plan may be the fact that dieters do not really learn how to prepare the low-calorie diet meals from scratch as all meals are precooked by the company.

What does the Nutrisystem Vegetarian Plan contain?

This diet plan includes more than 60 different meal options for the bg-desertsvegetarian dieter. These meals will not have meat in them but they will comprise of a high percentage of carbohydrates, fibers, whole grains and lean proteins. The idea is to offer wholesome healthy meals so that the dieter does not feel hungry for long periods of time.

What are the advantages of the Nutrisystem Vegetarian diet plan?

  • Like the other meal programs, the vegetarians’ meal can be delivered to your home for a 28-day period. You are free to supplement the meals with fresh supplies of fruits and vegetables from the local groceries. You will not need to calculate the calories in each meal because these are precooked with low calorie foods. You simply have to store the meals once these are delivered to your doorstep, and then heat them in a microwave before eating.
  • Besides being low in calories, the vegetarian meals are also portion controlled so that dieters do not end up overeating at any time. Some of the examples of foods which you will find in a Nutrisystem vegetarian meal are fresh strawberries, black beans, split pea soup, fluffy pancakes, peanut or cranberry granola bars, pasta with tofu etc. Therefore, these meals are perfect for the non-meat eating dieters who are keen to lose weight through a scientific dietary plan.
  • You could even enjoy frozen gourmet style vegetarian meals fromN28 Nutrisystem. These have to be kept in the freezer once delivered. All the meals are tasty and they can be customized to suit your tastes. So, you can actually choose from many options. The meals are completely safe and made to cater to your health demands. The four-week plan is also easy to follow just like the other dietary options. The meals are well-balanced containing the right proportions of fibers, lean proteins and vitamins and minerals.
  • Like with the other meal plans, you get access to free counseling from diet experts. You can also get valuable weight loss advice through the forums. Nutrisystem even offers handy tools for vegetarians to track their weight loss progress.

So, contrary to what people believe, eating a meal comprising pasta or rice does not necessarily have to contribute to body weight. Many people tend to pile on the extra pounds because they feel they must supplement the absence of meat in the diet with more of carbs and dairy products. However, when vegetarians take help of Nutrisystem plans, they do not have to be worried about this possible weight gain. The diet planner will make sure you receive low-calorie meals which are wholesome and nutritious.


For people who are vegetarians and wish to stick to a strict diet plan, Nutrisystem is the perfect choice. While the choices may not be as wide as non-vegetarian meals, you do get to choose from quite a few exciting options. The vegans will however enjoy far limited options because they consume only plant-based foods. There is also a separate category of lacto-ovo vegetarians who will eat only dairy products and no eggs. So, depending on your food preferences, you should consult the dieticians and opt for a meal plan accordingly. You should review all the plans with care to choose the right option for yourself. Nutrisystem makes your work easier because it offers many different types of meal plans and you can be certain that when you state your choice; you will be provided with only the foods you have requested for.

Nutrisystem vegetarian meal plans are popular as they are super convenient. This is especially true of those who do not get the time to cook meals for themselves. They may order from outside but they cannot be sure if the meals are actually being cooked without animal products. With Nutrisystem, they can be sure of the content of the meals.

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