nutrisystem-5-day-kit-walmartNutrisystem is a popular weight loss program which has transformed lives of many followers through its well structured diet plans. The objective of Nutrisystem diet plans is to inculcate healthy eating habits into the lifestyle of its followers. Many celebrities have followed this diet program and have lost weight successfully. The company has been serving the weight loss industry for more than 45 years and still continues to offer its services through effective diet plans. It started as a brick and mortar store like any other business and established an online portal after the internet revolution. The dieters can subscribe to any of Nutrisystem’s diet plans comfortably sitting at home with just one mouse click. The meals are delivered in microwavable pouches to the dieters’ doorstep.

Nutrisystem kits in stores

Most people started following after hearing the positive reviews and successful stories. Nutrisystem starter kits are available in supermarkets like Walmart. People who are new to Nutrisystem can try these kits and learn how they work. They can visit any of the Walmart stores nearby and buy the Nutrisystem diet kit. The Walmart kits do not come with other exclusive features offered when you subscribe through the official website of Nutrisystem. After launching the online portal, Nutrisystem came up with different plans to cater to the requirements of big population of dieters. The online platform offers various conveniences and keeps the dieters motivated to stay on the track.

All plans of Nutrisystem can be followed easily by subscribing to them online. The online discount coupons and free shipping options help subscribers to save good amount on their subscription amount. To see effectual results, the dieters have to follow Nutrisystem for a minimum of 2 months where it assures a steady weight loss of 2 lbs per week. The lean 13 program helps dieters lose 13 lbs and 7 inches in the first month of following the diet plan. Nutrisystem offers distinct diet plans through the standard diet plans namely basic, core and uniquely yours.

Basic plan: This plan provides you with default menu which means the meals are already preselected for you. It is the best plan to start with if you are new to Nutrisystem. When subscribing to this plan the dieters also get free access to online tools and trackers.

Core plan: This plan provides 100 meal options to choose from and so the dieters need not feel bored with eating the same dishes. This plan is the choice of majority of dieters. Here, apart from online tools and trackers, dieters also get access to diet counseling anytime during the day.

Uniquely yours plan: This plan has top ratings with slightly a higher price because of exclusive features. Here, the dieters get full freedom of menu customization from 150 meal options. The foods offered under this plan are shelf stable as well as frozen which they can mix match. They also get access to online tools and counseling.

Men’s plan: Nutrisystem provides a separate plan for men as they will have to ingest more calories than women. So the menu for men will have an extra meal for all 28 days and the cost also goes higher because of this. Following this special plan, men can accomplish their fitness goals.

Diabetes plan: This plan greatly helps overweight or obese diabetics to lose weight in a healthy manner. Following this plan, helps you control your diabetes as well as lose weight. The foods offered under this plan are well portioned so that you do not experience any sugar spikes.

Vegetarian plan: This plan is especially designed for non meat eaters. Nutrisystem provides 90 meal options under this plan constituting essential plant based weight loss ingredients.

Lean 13 plan: This plan was launched recently assuring 13 lbs and 7 inches of weight loss in the first month. Nutrisystem recommends this as a starter plan to accelerate the weight loss process. The plan provides 7 breakfast meals, lunches and dinners along with turbo shakes and nutricrush bars. The shakes energize your body while the bars eliminate the cravings. The shakes are enriched with probiotics and fiber which keeps you feeling full and improves digestion.

Nutrisystem cost

Nutrisystem cost is affordable when compared to other diet programsturkey-cranberry-salad in the market. The company also keeps sending discount coupons and seasonal offers which the dieters can use and avail great savings on their orders. Even on choosing the top rated diet plan, the meal cost for a day comes to as low as $11.96 which economical. The meal plans for men are priced slightly higher as they are supplied with an extra meal each day to meet the higher calorie requirements than women. Each plan will provide you with 5 or 6 meals inclusive of snacks and desserts. The foods are delivered to your doorstep eliminating the need of visiting the stores in person. The foods are supplied in prepackaged condition and you just have to reheat the packages in microwave oven before consuming. The foods are prepared using smart carbs, healthy fats and proteins. The program also advises the dieters to include plenty of fruits and vegetables to their daily diet to add colors to the diet. Therefore, with all these essential vitamins, minerals, smart carbs, fiber and phytonutrients becoming the part of your meal, you are sure to have a balanced diet.

Nutrisystem support system

Dieters subscribing to Nutrisystem diet plans get free access to NuMi app which guides in every step of your weight loss endeavor. With the help of the app, you can log in your daily foods, activity, weight and more. The eating out guide supplies you with details on numerous restaurants running at different places across the country where you can have healthy meals. You can also search for fitness recommendations that are fun filled to do. The NuMi app syncs with fitness tracking devices like Fitbit, Apple Health and Jawbone conveniently. When visiting Nutrisystem Leaf, you will learn a lot of diet recipes, tips, newsletters and videos that help you stay on track.


Nutrisystem has helped many people to learn the importance of portion and calorie controlled meals. The program is highly convenient for people leading busy work life and do not find to cook diet meals at home. The meal packages are very convenient to carry wherever you go and you need not buy foods from any stores outside. The program assures amazing weight loss results when the dietary guidelines are followed properly. Therefore, Nutrisystem provides a simple weight loss solution with many conveniences.