Top 10 fitness apps for everyone

smartphoneIf you are keen to stay fit and healthy, there are fitness apps that help you to get started and also follow consistently. With so many apps introduced in the market, choosing the best one is always a difficult task. Some of the top fitness apps have been discussed below to help you download the one that suits your requirements.

1. MyFitnessPal

This is indeed one of the most popular fitness apps which are in great demand today.  It is easy to use and helps in monitoring calories and steps. The database of this app includes over 5 million delicious foods, a recipe importer and a barcode scanner for nutrition. It has many other features, but the key feature is that it has the ability of tracking your daily food intake and workout quickly. As a result, it helps fitness enthusiasts to keep a tab on their calories ensuring that it does not exceed the required count on a daily basis. Download the app now with simple steps and get fitter.

2. Sworkit

The fitness app popularly known as Sworkit means “Simply Work It”. It is an app that provides workout videos for users which are demonstrated by skilled trainers. There are more than 13 million people using this app currently as they offer over 200 distinct workouts to suit the requirements of everyone. Besides, there is an app specially designed for kids as well. Thus, this is a versatile app where in users can choose regular workouts or simply customize them by selecting the length of workouts, specific body areas and other limitations or needs. Sworkit combines interval training with random workouts to enhance the effectiveness of workouts.


This particular app was designed initially as a basic wellness program which has now been transformed into fitness based app in the world.  The app has both personalized and group interval workouts along with experiences of group training and in-application training. There are different fitness packs along with training plans that vary as per the requirements of every individual. Get fit and help your friends and family to join you to walk the path of good health and fitness with ACTIVEx.

4. PEAR Personal Coach

This is an effective app which is equivalent to having a personal fitness trainer. The app offers many interactive audio workouts performed by distinct coaches to suit all types of fitness levels. Some of the notable coaches include Dallas Cowboys, Olympian Deena Kastor and many other fitness professionals. The app is so effective that it helps you learn the maximum rate of oxygen consumption by your body during workouts. All you need to do is simply club your device with heart rate tracker and the quick running test can be performed.

5. Strava

If you are a competitive cyclist or a runner, this is the perfect app for you. The key benefit of this fitness app is that it emphasizes more on performance analytics. With the help of this app, you can do a comparison of different exercises overtime to understand your level of progression. The best part about Strava is indeed the leaderboad feature. Once you finish a ride or a run, you can check where you stand in comparison with other athletes that have done similar exercises in the area. All in all, it is a great app that keeps you fit and going.

6. Fit Radio

If you are looking for a fitness app with music, Fit Radio is the perfect choice for you. It is a music streaming fitness app that provides mixes created by DJs. It has a consistent beat and you can also browse different mixes based on genre, type of exercise, or DJ such as yoga, Zumba or spin. The app has many versions and the basic version is for free. It allows you to select only one genre of music in addition to a few mixes.  If you choose the premium version, you can get an access to over 25 stations and genres along with limitless skips. You can also save your favorites from the list without any ads.

7. MapMyRun

This app is popular as it offers excellent mapping functions with more than 70 million routes.  As a user, you simply need to type the zip code so as to select the popular routes for running. The app also provides the option to choose the number of miles you wish to run. Once done, the app generates the route that you need to follow. It is best suited for traveling runners that are constantly logging miles in unknown areas.

8. Lose It

This is a calorie counting app that is offered for free for its users. With the help of this app, you can easily achieve your fitness or weight loss goal. In order to achieve your targeted weight, you can choose to consume calories only that are allotted. The calories are generated by the app soon after you enter the personal details during sign up procedure. The app allows you to track daily food intake as it scans barcodes. You can also search for the foods or enter the calories manually for every meal.

9. Runkeeper

This is the classic app made available especially for runners. It is a fitness app that is GPS enabled that monitors all the basic fitness details which include time, distance, pace and more. Besides, the app also provides a goal setting feature that is available to knock out different runs required for achieving your mission. Some of the goal options include weight loss, running a specific distance or improving your overall fitness.

10. Pocket Yoga

There is no denying that Yoga is one of the most effective workouts that keep you fit and control your weight. It can be performed by everyone and to make it simpler, there is an app called Pocket Yoga which helps you practice yoga anytime and anywhere. It offers a database which contains descriptions, illustrations and benefits of over 200 yoga poses. You can track your workout progress with the help of this useful fitness app called as Pocket Yoga.

Thus, these are some of the top fitness apps that help you to stay fit no matter where you are. These apps come handy even when you are travelling. Download these fitness apps and lead a fitter life from today.

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