Top Cardio Exercises for Beginners

plankCardiovascular workouts also referred as cardio are movements that increase your heart rate and blood circulation. If you are planning to begin a fitness program, cardio should definitely be a part of it. It is one of the key elements that cannot be ignored. There are different forms and techniques of performing cardiovascular workouts which offer best of benefits in terms of fitness and weight loss. Most people perform cardio as they find it most effective to get rid of excess calories from their bodies. There are workouts that are moderate as well as high intensity ones that help in burning off excess calories. You can begin with low impact workouts and gradually increase the intensity as you get accustomed to it. There are endless benefits of cardio workouts, but some of the prime benefits have been discussed below.

Benefits of Cardio Exercises

  • Good heart health: This is one of the key benefits of following cardio workouts. It improves the condition of your heart as heart is also a kind of muscle like other parts of the body. Therefore, it is important to make it strong and healthy for proper functioning. If you don’t take care of it, it may get weaker over time and lead to negative health conditions. If you get the heart pumping at a higher rate regularly, it remains strong. Hence, cardio has a stronger role to play when it comes to heart health.
  • Enhanced metabolism: If you want to keep your metabolism going, cardio is the best solution. In addition to increasing your heart rate, cardio workouts also enhance the metabolism which is an integral process that takes place in the body. The higher the cardio workouts, the better the metabolic rate will be; checking nutrisystem lean 13 reviews help you decide on right diet. When you have an increased metabolism, weight management and weight loss is a much easier process to accomplish.
  • Better hormonal profile: Cardio also works towards improving your hormonal profile by releasing feel good hormones from the body. As a result, you can reduce the symptoms of fatigue and depression. It also helps in bringing your appetite under control. Those who perform regular cardio are more positive towards life as they are less stressed out from these hormones.
  • Blood sugar management: Those suffering from diabetes can best reap the benefits of cardio as it helps in managing their health conditions. When you perform cardio, the ability of the muscles to use glucose increases to a great extent. People performing regular cardio can have a greater control over their blood sugar and it remains constant. If you are diabetic, this is a great relief as there is always a tendency of sudden spikes in blood sugar levels which can be avoided with regular cardio.

Best Cardio Workouts for Beginners

Now that you have decided to incorporate some cardio exercises into your routine, the process may be a bit daunting to start with. But, the best part is that cardio workouts can be performed within the comfort of your home. There are workouts with or without equipment that offers best fitness benefits.  With endless cardio workouts introduced by fitness trainers, you should be able to tailor the workouts based on your fitness level. Some of the best cardio workouts for beginners have been discussed below which will help you jump start your life afresh to get fitter.

1. Inchworm

Inchworm is a great cardio workout for beginners. It works wonders by warming up the whole body during the session. With the help of this cardio, you can make your lower back, chest, arms and upper back stronger. It also helps in enhancing your stability and balance. In order to maintain correct posture and stability, your core needs to work hard and hence inchworm is an appropriate workout for this. It can also be a part of a core workout or a warm-up session. In order to perform this workout, follow the instructions given below.

How to perform: Stand tall, place your feet at hip width distance and tighten your core. Bend down from your waist by placing hands on the ground. Walk on your hands forward and keep your legs straight. Once you reach in a high plank position, immediately walk on your hands back close to your feet. If you want to make it intense, include a pushup once you are in high plank pose.

2. Power Skip

Power Skip is yet another top cardio workout that strengthens all major muscle groups of your body. It includes hamstrings, glutes, hips, shoulders, core and calves. It also increases your heart rate and boosts your metabolism. It is also a great workout performed by many people to achieve weight loss results. It is a perfect workout for beginners who wish to incorporate cardio workouts in their fitness regime. You can also increase the intensity by making a big bonding move to go as high as you can. By doing so, you can get maximum benefits of doing cardio. You can follow the simple method given below especially if you are a beginner.

How to perform: Stand tall on the floor and place your feet at hip width distance. Lift your right knee up as you bring your left arm in the front and hop off your left foot. Now, try landing on the ball of your left foot. Once done, bring your right foot down instantly. Follow the same process on the other side as well. While performing this workout, one should focus mainly on height instead of speed for better results.

3. Uppercut

This particular cardio move is mainly extracted from kickboxing. However, the benefits of uppercut are vast and hence anyone can perform it. There is no need of using any boxing machine to perform this effective cardio move as you are simply punching air. When you perform uppercut properly, you can obtain the benefits of getting your heart pumped and calories burned. In addition to boosting your metabolism, this cardio workout offers a complete body strengthening workout.

How to perform: The uppercut needs to be performed by standing in a split stance using your right foot. You need to ensure that your right foot is one step ahead of your left foot and hips should square. Using your right hand try punching upward pointing to the left in a scooping motion. Instantly repeat on the other side as well. Continue by alternating as fast as you can while tightening your core and knees should be left loose. When you are halfway through, you can try switching stance towards the other side.

4. High Knees

High-knees is another cardio workout that combines the knee lifts with the regular running motion. This type of workout is mostly performed by runners to improve the running form. Also, to increase the flexibility, power and speed of the lower body. Perform high knees as a part of the warm up or stretch the exercise by adding in to your fitness routine so as to increase your heart rate. Although, there are many variations of high knees, one of the effective forms of high knees has been explained below.

How to perform: Stand on the floor by placing your feet at hip width distance. Continue to run by pulling right knee upwards near your chest. Thereafter, use your left knee to bring it upwards towards the chest. Keep alternating as fast as you can. To make this move simpler, you can try marching if you don’t want to run. However, use your core for pulling the knee towards the chest.

5. Punch

Punch is a popular cardio workout that challenges you both physically as well as mentally. It not only works by strengthening and toning your muscles but also releases stress to a large extent. In addition, it also burns excess calories and aids in weight loss. Besides, punching strengthens ligaments and bones as well. Therefore, this workout is performed by most fitness enthusiasts and has gained immense popularity. To perform this workout correctly, follow the simple instructions given below.

How to perform: Use the same split stance like that of uppercuts to perform this workout. Use your right foot one step ahead of the other one, and lift your fists up. While doing so, keep elbows pulled in like a rib cage. Now, punch forward using your left hand and rotate your torso during the process. Punch as fast as you can and switch the stance. Lastly punch towards the other side.

6. Vertical Jump

If you are looking for an effective way to boost your fitness, vertical jump is a must addition to your routine. Vertical Jump is an effective and low impact workout that not only builds strength but improves your balance as well. Once you get well versed with this workout, you can improve your overall flexibility in no time. Hence, it is one of the popular cardio workouts followed by most people today to get fitter.

How to perform: To make this workout most effective, you should aim at jumping as high as you can. Stand tall, bend your knees slightly and ensure that your feet are at hip width distance. Swing your arms back while you are bending deeper. Once you swing your arms in the front, jump up and extend your arms overhead. Thereafter, land gently and repeat the process.

7. Plank Jacks

Planks are indeed popular form of cardio which effectively contracts the muscles. This particular workout is beneficial in several ways. It is the best form as far as strength training is concerned. It largely helps to build the inner core muscles and is also the basic foundation for the six pack abs look. Abdominal muscles get stronger and excess fat in the abs muscles get reduced when you perform planks on a regular basis. As a result, you can manage your weight in addition to remaining fit. The other benefits of plank include, improves mood, reduced back pain, and strengthens body muscles.  If you are determined to get in shape and obtain those six pack abs, this is the best workout to follow.

How to perform: Begin by placing your body in a pushup position and feet together. Try hopping your feet as far as possible and land on your toes softly. Jump once more to bring your feet in the previous position and repeat the process. In order to perform this workout in a correct manner, you need to ensure that your hips don’t drop and also spine should remain stable. Your breathing pattern should be slow and steady. Your abs need to be pulled in tight and a straight line must be maintained from shoulders to your ankles.

8. Jumping Jack

Jumping Jacks is the best warming up exercise and is a popular form of cardiovascular exercise. It helps in warming up or taking active rest in between tougher moves. It provides an effective workout for your legs as well as arms. It is most beneficial as far as heart health is concerned. It prevents many health conditions such as diabetes and obesity. It also improves your endurance and stamina. In addition, your body becomes more flexible. Jumping jacks when performed regularly helps in improving your circulation and mobility.

How to perform: Begin by placing your feet together and place hands sideways. Keep your core engaged throughout and jump on the legs apart while bringing your arms overhead. Thereafter, clap at the top and bend your knees as you jump on your feet back together and your arms can be brought down. Follow this process and repeat as fast as you can.

Thus, it’s rightly said that slow and steady wins the race. To reap maximum benefits of cardio workouts, you should start easy and as you progress, challenge your body to do a little more with each workout. Once you reach closer, you will become a pro in performing these workouts. These workouts when followed along with a balanced diet, you will remain healthier and fitter. It also helps you to keep a close tab on your weight and stay away from weight related problems like obesity.

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